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Number Eight

Q: What kind of navigation skills will I need once I set out on the walk?

A: On this issue, our two experienced guides' opinions differ. John Deighton thinks that the route is, on the whole, well-signposted. However, Lou Wilkinson believes that on certain parts of the walk, signposting is not as good as it could be, and the walker must depend on a map and compass. In particular, he mentions the "Wainwright route" from Keld to Reeth, through the lead-mining country. However, both John and Lou agree that at least one of your walking party should be familiar with map-reading and compass work, to keep you on the route. So, when you go out on those pre-Coast to Coast training walks, take a map and compass. Keep checking your map to ensure you always know where you are, taking into account local landmarks. Practise taking compass bearings. Of course, if you're the hi-tech type, and bring along your Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver, you should have nothing to fear.

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