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Number Seven

Q: Once I've planned everything and packed, how do I get to the starting point of the walk using public transport?

A: Trains from London and Manchester stop at Carlisle. Change there for trains to St. Bees but please note that there are no trains from Carlisle to St Bees on a Sunday so Whitehaven is the alternative route. After you've triumphally entered (or staggered into) Robin Hood's Bay at the finish, catch a bus to Scarborough. From there, take a train to York, where you can board many trains to London and elsewhere.

If you don't want to carry all your gear, there are several companies such as Coast to Coast Packhorse which will carry your luggage from one point to the next (assuming you are following Wainwright's classic route). The Packhorse service can also carry a limited number of walkers who are injured or ill, and unable to do the next stage of the walk.

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