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Number Five

Q: Is it safe for a woman to do the Coast to Coast on her own?

A: If you're in a reflective mood and want to experience the peace of the countryside -- perhaps without a talkative companion -- then walking alone can be great. However, solitary long-distance walking isn't necessarily a gender issue. Most outdoor specialists don't recommend solo treks for either women or men, because if you have an accident or become ill, you could be at risk.

So if you really do prefer your own company, simply follow one standard rule en route Each day, before you set off, let someone know where you're headed and who you'll be staying with at the end of your day's walk. If you're staying in a B & B, then let your host have the information, or perhaps another walker that you've met. This way, if you don't turn up as expected, it's much more likely that you'll get help faster.

Women on their own should be safe on the walk. But if at any stage you feel uncomfortable, ask another walker or walkers if you can join them. Or at the least, make yourself known to them, so they can keep an eye out for you.

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