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Number Three

Q: Can you give me an idea of how much money I'll need to do the walk?

A: It depends on how you want to do the walk. If you'd like everything organised, there are several companies who will do this -- for instance, the Sierra Club. With this approach, you have guides to accompany you, your accommodation is pre-booked, and baggage transfers arranged. All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other.

The cost of such pre-arranged walks varies, depending on the company and the package. The already-mentioned Sierra Club's Coast to Coast walk costs $3975 (US), not including airfare. British-based Contours Walking Holidays offers a similar guided walk from £760 to £1100.

sceneryHowever, for many people, part of the fun of the Coast to Coast is planning the whole thing themselves. With a good accommodation guide such as Doreen Whitehead's (featured on this website) you can make your own bookings -- by email, phone, fax or post. There are also agents who, for a modest fee, can pre-book all your accommodation for you.

Some walkers are spontaneous types, who just book accommodation one day at a time. Much of the time this strategy is fine. However, remember there are certain stopovers on the walk where fewer rooms are available, and during the busy season these can be fully booked.

If you don't want a walking package, plan on spending about £50 a day for your B & B and food. This doesn't include getting to St. Bees, where the walk starts, nor returning from Robin Hood's Bay, where it ends.

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