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Coast to Coast Guide Books and Maps

Before you set out on this magnificent long-distance walk, you're obviously going to be doing quite a bit of planning. First of all, you'll need to learn about the route in detail. The only sensible way to tackle this problem is by investing in one (or more!) of our Coast to Coast Guide Books These will not only show you exactly where you're walking, but they'll also let you in on just how beautifully rich and diverse the landscape of Northern England really is - from mountains to dales, moorland to spectacular coastlines, there really is nothing quite like it.
Next you'll have to consider which maps to take, and there is plenty of choice, so read about what's available and what we recommend.
We've also included some useful reading for those who want to hone their navigation skills before setting out on the Coast to Coast, or learn some more about Alfred Wainwright - and there's also an ideal rucksack-filler of walking trivia!
Finally, you need to sort out your accommodation along the route, and there is only one recommendation we make - it is the paper version of all the information in the accommodation section of this site, but in a convenient pocket-sized edition. The web is great, but difficult to carry with you on a journey of 191 miles!
Coast to Coast Bed & Breakfast Accommodation Guide

Coast to Coast Bed & Breakfast Accommodation Guide 2021

We are currently out of the 2021 accommodation guide but the new 2022 edition will be available towards the end of the year!!!