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Image of Wainwright's a Coast to Coast Walk

The book that started it all. After an arduous experience walking the Pennine Way in 1968, the legendary walker Alfred Wainwright decided to plan his own long-distance trail. More information...

Doreen Whitehead's 2015 B & B Accommodation Guide is is now AVAILABLE!

Image of Coast to Coast accommodation Guide
The original and best! More information...

A warm welcome to Coast to Coast Walkers

If you're thinking about taking on the Coast To Coast Walk, then you've come to the right place. The C2C, devised by the late Alfred Wainwright, continues to be one of the most popular long-distance walks in the world.

Picture of Julia Bradbury holding her copy of Alfred Wainwright's guide

Julia Bradbury pictured at the start of her Coast to Coast walk, clutching her trusty copy of Alfred Wainwright's timeless guide. Her series of six BBC programmes capture the essence of the walk, as well as showing the best scenery in the UK.


When is the weather best for the walk? What kind of gear will I need to take? Do I have to be an experienced walker? To help you get a clear idea of what you need to know about the Coast To Coast our two professional guides, Lou Wilkinson and John Deighton have come up with an indispensable guide for you. Between them, they have walked the Coast To Coast more than 25 times and have some pretty sound opinions to share with you. After reading their comments if you have any other queries of your own, we will be happy to try and advise you. Read their professional suggestions


Known as the Queen of the Coast to Coast, Doreen Whitehead wrote the first ever accommodation guide in 1986. Wainwright called it 'indispensable' and her annual offering still remains the most reliable and popular listing of B&Bs along the walk. Read what Doreen has to say on the subject.

Books and Maps

For almost as long as there has been a Coast To Coast Walk, Castle Hill Book Shop has been selling guide books and maps to hikers from their book shop in Richmond, Yorkshire - which as it happens is at the half way point on the trek! You'll find over 40 years of experience and hospitality (the kettle is always on) hard to beat! Check out the full range of Coast To Coast books and maps currently available.